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Security is a process, not a product

«CyberSec» company organizes and executes a number of events to ensure the information security of your business.

What does security mean to you?

For us, security is any alarm and any task that have a solution, when a common understanding of the situation and the immersion in the problem allows to take the right steps in time. When something that should be done today, is being done today, when in achieving the goals you can rely on a partner who will not let you down. Security means that everyone does high quality job and together we achieve the ambitious heights. These are values and fundamental concepts of «CyberSec» LLC. If your values coincide with ours, this means that we can cooperate.

Our priorities

«CyberSec» LLC is the first company in Armenia which was able to build a comprehensive system of providing information security services under «turnkey» for external customers. Today, Information Security Outsourcing is the most effective alternative for medium and large companies, in order to ensure the security of the business, acquire value and save considerable money. The company has gained unique experience in the implementation of IS projects, which allows to develop and successfully implement our own solutions.

We are a team of highly skilled developers, consultants and experts who possess extensive practical experience, have professional titles and certificates. We are members of international organizations and actively participate in the industry's development.
Our mission is to create and implement innovative solutions for information security management.
Our philosophy is based on the desire to take over maximum of customer concerns in solving of information security problems. Therefore we create effective products that combine processability with user-friendliness, and help the client during the operation of security systems embedded by us.
Our customers are the major banks, leading telecom operators, industrial companies and governmental organizations.

Companies we have worked with